We are a family of four striving to be fit and healthy. Our background is in sport and exercise. We have degrees in Sport Science, Coaching and Physical Education and have spent our entire lives immersed in physical activity.

Sarah is a head of PE in a secondary school, with sixteen years experience of teaching PE. Chris started his working life as a sports development officer, and more recently trained to be a primary school teacher and has responsibility for PE in his school. Our greatest job though is raising our two daughters and this blog is born out of our passion for raising them to have a positive relationship with physical activity.

The challenges we’ve faced are similar to many working families, time is incredibly limited, money is stretched and society inactivity is common. We certainly don’t have all the answers and our quest to find fitness for all of us remains just that, a constant consciousness linked to our goal of providing our children with the gift of a lifelong love of being active.

Our hope is that through this blog we can share research and information that we are using daily in our professional roles, share our personal struggles and successes in getting young children to love physical activity and most importantly, create a supportive network of families along the way.

Finding ways to motivate and keep all your family fit can be a challenge. This blog aims to support families in achieving a fit lifestyle through sharing personal stories and research articles.