Holiday Fitness – Too much effort?

You might be reading this thinking “are you crazy?” Holidaying with children can be a challenge full stop, never mind trying to factor in some exercise. Well read on… it doesn’t need to be. In fact it can be a great opportunity to reignite the fitness habits of all the family.

Ask yourself – at what other point in the year do you turn off the alarm clock, clear your schedule and forget about being mum and dads taxi service? The days on holiday are yours to mould in anyway you choose ‘FIT’

Why is it important to exercise on holiday?

Well you are likely to eat more than usual. If you are regularly exercising at home you will easily loose your fitness… and that includes your children.


The opportunity to try new things, exercise in new places can benefit you psychologically. You are more likely to enjoy them without the stress of routines and pressure of home/work life.

Running or hiking is a great opportunity to experience your holiday location from a totally different perspective.

Motivation to exercise on holiday can be a challenge so try not to feel compelled to do something every day. Plan things in that allow you to explore the local area, try some different or just exercise when the opportunity arises.

Just a few ideas might be:

1: Family bikes rides – research routes and hire options before you go.

2: Go for a run but don’t plan a route, explore and get lost a little.

3: A quick beach run – take it in turns while one of you plays with the kids…. or take them with you.

4: Family bodyboarding and sea swimming, can be a great workout battling those waves.

5: Try an online HIIT workout using the hotel wifi.

Routines at home can leave your exercise habits feeling a little stale. Same routes, same times. The opportunity to participate in your chosen form of exercise at a different time, in a different place might just be the key to reigniting your exercise regime.

Top tips

  1. Start early- if you’re done and dusted by breakfast you can have a guilt free day.
  2. Try something different.
  3. Keep it short and sweet so it doesn’t impact on family time.
  4. Use nature as your gym.
  5. Take your kit out with you ever day. You don’t know when you will have the drive or a time slot to exercise.
  6. Listen to your body, don’t go crazy you are on holiday to rest and recharge.
  7. It has to fit in with your day.
  8. It all starts with packing, yes space can be a premium but it is important you have at least one comfortable outfit. Why not travel in your trainers to save space?
  9. Forget all your gadgets you can cope without them for a couple of weeks, it might just be liberating.

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